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We all have the gift of beauty inside of us.

We all deserve to wake up each day and find joy in what we see.

At Chrysalis Styling, THIS is your day -

THIS is your time!


Fashion Consultation

We'll sit down together, at the place of your convenience and:

  • discover your style personality

  • determine your body type

  • determine your best colors

  • discuss goals for your wardrobe

Shop Your Closet

Sometimes it's not a new wardrobe you need, but a new way to look at the one you have! I'll go through your existing wardrobe, piece by piece, and put together outfits for you in new and interesting ways. I'll show you how to make them look more modern with creative combinations and simple additions such as jewelry and scarves.

Building Your Style Tool Box

Let Your Inner Beauty Emerge

An evening/afternoon session taking your small group (woman's group, teen group, friends, family...) through the essential "tools" that every woman needs to  create a style/wardrobe that fills her with a sense of confidence and possibility.

*This can be taught as basic styling or the basics of thrifting and styling. Ronnie would be glad to explain the options.


Heading 6
Heading 6
Girlfriends' Closet Groups

Gather your girlfriends together for an evening (or afternoon) of Q & A with a personal stylist. Feel free to bring along a garment or two from your closet that you are struggling to style or have questions about. Ronnie will answer your questions, share tips for dressing body types, using accessories, color usage and many other fashion topics.

Additional Services


  • Speaking Engagements (various topics) - Ladies Groups, Youth groups, Church Groups

  • Closet Edits & Organization

  • Personal Shopping - Retail or Gently Used, I will guide you through the process or take over the chore for you

  • Interview Styling/Makeovers

  • Have another styling, fashion or beauty need not mentioned here? Contact Ronnie to discuss the possibilities.

*Contact Ronnie for pricing and details, please

Meet Ronnie

Hello, my name is Ronnie Crouthamel and I am Chrysalis Styling! As a woman who worked and raised five children, I understand how easy it is to lose your own identity, your own sense of beauty and self, in the realities of day to day life. At Chrysalis Styling it is my goal to make beauty and style accessible to everyone, regardless of age, size or financial considerations.

I have been, and continue to be, that go-to friend for fashion and beauty questions for friends and family. In between raising my children, I worked in fashion retail, both in sales and display design. I worked multiple years in graphic design, giving me the opportunity to sharpen and hone my creative eye for detail. After taking a styling course from Stylist and fashion blogger, Janeane Pittman, I was inspired to finally take my love for styling to a professional level. Janeane continues to inspire my style and work ideal.

Presently, I run a fashion/lifestyle blog, "Ronnie Rambles On" and post my OOTD regularly on Instagram, as well as participate in various style challenges, under Ronnie Rambles On. I am a Certified Styling Professional, graduating from QC Style Academy, having studied under Chicago stylist, Mallory Sills, and am currently working on my certification in makeup artistry from QC Makeup Academy.

Though I enjoy all forms of fashion and style, I have a real heart for second-hand shopping and styling. I try to work with, and encourage others in using, pre-loved pieces as much as possible.

Nothing brings me more joy than to help others find the beauty that lies within them. It would be my honor and privilege to work with you.


"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time..." - Eccl. 3:11



"You wardrobe should lift you up, not beat you up." 

- Liana Chaouli


I have had the pleasure of thrifting for clothing and having a makeup make-over with Ronnie. Both experiences were packed with learning tips that still permeate with me today. I love the experience of finding clothing at thrift shops. Ronnie equipped me with information to have available when I am shopping. During our last session together for the makeup make-over, she thoroughly explained each step and the advantages. I have since implemented several products in my makeup arsenal.  I am a Realtor, thus very conscious of the first impression my clients formulate of me. She is a wonderfully talented friend that I know I can consult with to help me work with my existing wardrobe and find pieces to compliment my wardrobe. I am looking forward to our next shopping adventure! 


—  Mari H., Real Estate Agent



MONDAY - FRIDAY 9 am - 9 pm SATURDAY 9 am - 5 pm

SUNDAY - By Special Request Only





Bucks County, PA

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